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Win2k Pro Exam 1

Win2k Pro Exam 2

Win2k Pro Exam 3

Win2k Pro Exam 4

Win2k Pro Exam 5

Win2k Pro Exam 6

Win2k Pro Exam 7

Win2k Pro Exam 8

Win2k Pro Exam 9


Tutorial 1:
Overview of Windows 2000 (FOR DOWNLOAD)

Tutorial 2:
Installing Windows 2000

Tutorial 3:
MMC and Task Scheduler

Tutorial 4:
The Control Panel

Tutorial 5:

Tutorial 6:
Managing Disks

Tutorial 7:
Installing and Configuring Network Protocols





Welcome! This is my webpage specifically setup for exam 70-210 of the MCSE track. I did my exam two months ago and now I have decided to put my reading material up for those (like me) who went through hell trying to get exam grade questions with explanations. Once in a while I also put up tutorials for people who don't have reading material, so watch this space.

My two cents for what its worth: Do this exam as quickly as possible because there are bigger things out there waiting. This will free you to start on Server, this is a more important exam and you can take some time on it.

I am currently reading for Exam 70-219 and I hope to take on SQL Server 2000 next. Finally here are my other websites, all on MCSE Core:

Windows 2000 Server

Network Infrastructure

Implementing Active Directory

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I have just put up my fourth website, it is on Exam 70-217 and its address is on the right. So head on over and collect material on Implementing Active Directory.

I went looking for unpaid attachment, my c.v isn't exactly from mars but the guy asked me just one question: where's your N+? This is the one cert I don't have! So i have to do it, this puts me abit off schedule but the company's a good one so I'll do it. Anyone out there with N+ material can send it to me :


Cheers guys.

Also, a shout out to the guys at MCSEBraindumps.com who helped me pass my exams.